This beautiful, inspiring and empowering healthy hub is here for you as you shift your energy and priority to achieving greater health.


I am combining what has worked in almost a decade of health coaching to creating a one-of-a-kind (infused with all the love) space designed to support you, encourage you, love on you, educate you and connect you to the information, tools, resources, modalities, recipes and so much more that will upgrade the way you care for yourself.

This community is here for you and is meant to simplify health so that you can avoid the overwhelm that often comes with “getting healthy”. Healthy is a state of being. It’s everyday! You are meant to find joy in the journey and I will be sharing how we create health within the four walls of my home. It’s real, it’s doable and it’s a lot of fun.

I want you to get back in the kitchen, to create healthy rituals and take care of you in the highest way. You deserve to THRIVE. When you take care of you and your health, when you feel your best you are capable of showing up each day in a way that will impact the world. No joke!

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THE THRIVE SOCIETY community is here to walk this health journey with you. Here is what your annual membership is all about, what you gain and the perks of becoming a part of our health inspired community.


Welcome email within 24 hours of joining us

This will contain everything you need to get started and tapped into our community.


Access to our private FB group

This is where all of the magic and weekly, monthly shares will take place. It is a safe, empowering and educational space that is here to guide you.


Code to access our private THE THRIVE SOCIETY website

Here you will find helpful documents, videos, handouts and other resources that you can always access as needed.


Weekly posts in our private FB page

We walk this journey together and I will be sharing videos, printable handouts, helpful articles, resources, pictures, all the words (love me a good quote!) and interviews. Short, sweet, inspiring and easy to consume to keep you on track in the best way possible! This makes our community accessible anywhere, anytime as you desire!


Monthly challenge + Q + A Facebook Live

Each month I will have a new challenge for you to focus on. The Facebook Live is a time for us to hang together, you can ask your questions and we can jam on all things holistic health. You can submit questions in advance and catch the replay. I want this space to be monthly accountability and a way to keep you focused and clear on your health vision.


Monthly newsletter

At the end of each month you will receive a little love note from yours truly making sure you didn’t miss anything.


Here is what you gain from our community

Accountability, encouragement, community, connection, and all things healthy shared in a simple and easy way. Healthy doesn't need to be complicated and you are the CEO of your own healthcare. This is your action plan. It’s not a quick fix or a diet. It is the support and encouragement you need to stay on track even when life happens. This is a community to fuel love and health and happiness.



Priority access to any other live or online events, hangouts, challenges and programs hosted by Our Homegrown Healthy.


I truly can’t wait to inspire you to take healthy action every day. On this journey together we will cover everything under the holistic health including: whole foods, healthy meal inspiration, recipes, creating a healthy home, how to stock a healthy kitchen, highlight my fav healthy foods + tools, essential oils (I don’t care what kind you use! I love Young Living and would love to welcome you into our community (shop the oils here) – but if you love other oils then you are of course still welcome!), daily rituals to upgrade your life, fitness, food, movement, yoga, strength, mindset, goal setting, my favourite healthy books, journaling, staying healthy (and busy) mama, some of my favourite modalities!!! There is so much and I can’t wait to have you join us!

THE THRIVE SOCIETY is opening sooooon! Make sure to get your name on the email list (I promise no spam and you can expect 1 or 2 emails a month) to grab your blueprint and get you started (TODAY!) with 7 solid ways to upgrade the way that you thrive & shine in this world.

N xo
AKA the healthy ginger

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