I can’t even wait to open THE SHOP for you.

My vision is to hand curate a beautiful online shop that will make healthy so simple for you!

hgh the shop.jpg

I am working away at hand picking my most favourite healthy tools, resources and other products that I adore. They are from brands that I trust and all the healthy things we use in our home. I trust them and I know that you will love them too.

The Shop will feature things like my favourite reads, e-books, essential oils, beauty + makeup, supplements, and items we have in our home to create a simple and healthy environment.

There will also be a special area for health and wellness program that I have created, or taken from other amazing wellness guru’s.

I want to spread the love, and all of the health. I will let you know when The Shop is open for biz!

Healthy is homegrown, and I want to make this simple for you!

N xo

Our Homegrown Healthy Wellness Programs + E-Books

LET’S LUNCH + LEARN! [ 1 Hour Session ]

Education, empowerment and ultimately happy and healthier employees. I would love to help take the health of you and your employees to a new level! We all know that without our health we have nothing, and with it we are able to show up in this world in a big way. I love to share my passion of holistic health and empower you and your employees to set a new standard of health. Each Lunch Workshop is customizable to your group based on areas of interest. Each employee will receive a handout which will cover the topic and additional tips, resources, recipes, DIY’s and much more!

Here are some examples of topics! 

+ Hit The Healthy Reset 

+ Daily Rituals for more energy, better sleep + a happier you!  

+ How to Upgrade The Health of your Home

+ Make Health Happen In Your Kitchen 

+ 10 Ways to Upgrade your Health Now

+ 7 ways to Upgrade Gut + Brain Health 

+ Creating A Healthy Mindset + 5 ways to Crush Your Health Goals 

I can’t wait to help upgrade the health of your workspace and show them how easy it is to create a life they love with new rituals to add to their everyday life. With greater health you improve the way you feel, bring more clarity and energy to your day and are able to show up in a more inspired and productive way! What a beautiful gift of personal development and growth you are providing to your workplace! I can’t wait to inspire, motivate and have fun with your crew

Investment: $150/HR + HST | Travel expenses additional. 

If you would like me to hand curate a healthy swag to pamper everyone – I am happy to do that. Price will be determined. 

Email hello@ourhomegrownhealthy.com for any questions and once you have booked your package I will be in contact to arrange the day(s) that work best for you! 

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The Thrive Society [ Membership ]

This is your year to design the life of your dreams. 2019 is the year you take ownership of your health journey and find the grace, calm, energy, harmony and find joy in the journey.

Each day is an opportunity to do better and enjoy becoming the best version of you!

This is the year you unapologetically become the woman you love with all of your heart.

This healthy hub is here to cheer you on and serve as your guide this year. If you want to know what type of results you are in for check out the success stories (link to success stories) some of my client have graciously shared as they implemented these shifts into their life.

As your health coach I can’t wait to share with you ways to create action and help you take intentional and inspired action every day. So here’s how it works and what your annual membership includes…

What you can expect weekly + monthly on this journey together

  • 1-3 weekly shares on our private FB page with your Tuesday Thrive Tip + Slow Sunday Strategies as well as a weekly recipe. I will be sharing videos, printable handouts, helpful articles, resources, pictures, all the words (love me a good quote!), interviews, DIY’s and so much more. The goal is short, sweet, inspiring and easy to consume to keep you on track in the best way possible! This makes our community accessible anywhere, anytime as you desire!

  • Monthly Q + A FB Live in our private group with a challenge. This is a time for us to hang together, you can ask your questions and we can jam on all things holistic health. You can submit questions in advance and catch the replay. This is your health coaching, accountability, education and empowerment as a way to keep you focused and clear on moving towards your goal.

  • At the end of each month you will receive a little love note (email) from yours truly making sure you didn’t miss anything from the social shares and Q + A video

  • As we build this community there will also be access to a password protected area on ourhomegrownhealthy.com with resources you will be able to access.

I am so excited to be your health coach and so much of the magic sauce is in the safe and supportive community that you are a part of.

We get started Monday, January 7th. I can’t wait to see you then and 2019 is your year my friend.

Your investment. $159 ($13.25/monthly)

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