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adventures in feeding a picky toddler

Adventures with feeding an 18 month old have been....errr...interesting to say the least.

For the most part Sloane has been great but recently {as she develops her sassy little personality - which secretly I really love ;)} there have been several days when food that was once devoured will stay sitting on her plate as she refuses to eat what's in front of her.

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Seasonal & Local Recipe Inspiration

Good morning friends! Guess who celebrated their very 1st birthday over the Canada Day long weekend....

Lasha Olenka Photography captured some sweet memories for us

We had a spectacular afternoon celebrating our sweet baby girl. I can't even believe how fast that year went!

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birthing choices + how to take control of your birth experience

magine taking control of your entire birth experience knowing that you have choices. Being able to choose where you want to have your child, who you want assisting your birth and how you hope your birth experience will play out isn't a luxury that all women have. I was privileged to be a part of the Freedom for Birth Red Tent event that was hosted by the Babeeze in Arms in Stratford recently where I was invited to share my home birth experience. It was so special to to share my birth story {which you can also read here: Part 1Part 2 + Part 3} and relive those incredibly powerful and rewarding 20 hours of labour and delivery.

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weekend roundup + meal prep ideas

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. I am busy with Miss S who is now 7 weeks old (crazy!). We are very much still in the summer of weddings and this weekend included a bachelorette getaway for a very special girlfriend. We can't wait to celebrate her wedding in a few weeks time!

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